Unicode translation

Unicode translation is just like normal translation. The only difference is that character set used for typing are Unicode encoded rather than font encoded.

You might be aware of fonts which you get with translations. Unicode doesn't require these fonts.

Do you need to install any fonts for English? Do you know why you don't need it?

The reason is that character set used by your computer is suited for English. By installing a small software or using facilities available in your computer, you can type in any language with your keyboard without installing any fonts.

Not only this your files can be viewed on any computer without requiring any additional fonts as they are built in all windows computers.

People make use of fonts as :

  • They are in existence before Unicode came

  • They are easy to use than Unicode

  • Fonts provide more variations for designing than Unicode.

  • If they use Unicode then they will be required learn the new key strokes. And most of people dislike change.

  • They will be required to switch between setting to type in more then one language.

  • Some characters used by people today are not available in Unicode.

All this have placed boundaries to reach of Unicode. So if you need to get your texts translated in Unicode then you need to specifically order it.